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Child Psychologist  


Abil-OT Kids Therapy is in search of a qualified and licensed Child Psychologist to treat a variety of diagnoses in the pediatric population. We are looking for a conscientious practitioner with 1+ years of experience to join our team. The ideal candidate is compassionate and devoted to patient advocacy, communicates with other members of the team effectively and respectfully, is professional and passionate about the role in helping children and families reach their goals. We are looking for someone that is eager to work with children in our clinic, with a thorough understanding of the basic psychological needs of children and adolescents and how their family and other social contexts influence their social and emotional adjustment, developmental processes and behavioral adaptation. The right candidate will also have expert knowledge of mental and behavioral conditions that affect children, and is passionate, empathetic, and encouraging.


➔ Conduct psychological assessments and testing to diagnose mental, emotional, and developmental disorders in children and adolescents.
➔ Develop and implement individualized treatment plans using therapeutic techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and play therapy.
➔ Adequately document treatment interventions, plan of care, assessments, evaluations of current level of functioning, patient progression, and discharge of skilled services
according to approved medical and company documentation procedures.
➔ Educate family members on interventions they can do for their child or how to respond to certain behaviors.
➔ Coordinate with other child health experts, like child protection workers, pediatricians and social workers to facilitate and ensure the psychological development of the child.
➔ Provide quality therapeutic interventions to adequately support the treatment plan for the patient to facilitate functional outcomes and goal attainment.
➔ Participate in effective interdisciplinary communication to maximize client outcomes through a team approach.
➔ Communicate compassionately, effectively, and productively with clients, caseworkers,   and families for appropriate scheduling of evaluations, treatments and ongoing care
➔ Adherence to professional, legal and ethical regulations, as required by relevant regulatory bodies and the law.


➔ A Ph.D or Psy.D in Child Psychology; completion of 1 year internship in Child Psychology.
➔ Active license from the American Board of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.
➔ 1+ years experience working as a Child Psychologist.
➔ Excellent communication skills, particularly the ability to communicate with children of different ages and from varied socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.
➔ Problem-solving skills in arriving at conclusions from a diagnosis and recommending appropriate treatment.
➔ Empathic quality in addressing the emotional needs of children. 

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