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Mental Health Counselor/Licensed Clinical
Social Worker


Abil-OT Kids Therapy is in search of a qualified, licensed mental health counselor/licensed clinical social worker to treat a variety of diagnoses in the pediatric population, to include the provision of parent/caregiver support. We are looking for a conscientious practitioner with 1+ years of experience to join our team. The ideal candidate is a compassionate therapist devoted to patient advocacy, communicates with other members of the rehabilitation team effectively and respectfully, is professional and passionate about the role in helping children and families reach their goals. We are looking for someone that is eager to work with children in our clinics, experienced in providing cognitive, emotional and behavioral support. The ideal candidate is flexible, passionate, empathetic, and encouraging, helping children and their families develop habits and competencies for optimal outcomes.


➜ Perform initial and ongoing mental health evaluations

➔ Develop a treatment plan for each patient that is client-centered including caregiver education and support

➜ Adequately document treatment interventions, plan of care, assessments, evaluations, patient progression, and discharge of skilled services according to approved medical and company documentation procedures

➜ Provide direct, evidence based psychotherapy services and interventions to patients and families.

➔ Participate in effective interdisciplinary communication to maximize client outcomes through a team approach

➔ Practice adequate safety awareness and clinical judgment to keep patients and therapist safe during treatments

➜Provide assistance with the development of linkages with providers and community services that will enable patients and families to achieve optimal outcomes.

➔ Communicate compassionately, effectively, and productively with clients, caseworkers, and families for appropriate scheduling of evaluations, treatments and ongoing care


Master's degree or in social work, psychology, mental health counseling, or related field. All State of North Carolina requirements met for a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), will consider a strong LCSW-A candidate who has secured a clinical supervisor.

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