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Ready to schedule your child’s evaluation? Here’s how:



your child’s doctor recommends therapy

(919) 243-2201 TO SCHEDULE

requires a physician to sign off on the therapy plan of care


we serve Raleigh and Rocky Mount agencies

An evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of a child's ability. It may take an average of 1 hour and includes:

  • Detailed intake of medical and developmental history

  • Administration of standardized and non-standardized assessment tools

  • Formal observation of the child in a controlled environment

Once the evaluation is completed, a formal, detailed report is generated. This report includes all test results, interpretation, analysis, and clinical recommendations.
If skilled intervention is recommended, a treatment plan and goals are included.  

Free Screening

A screen is a tool used to determine if a more formal evaluation is warranted.

The screening takes 15-20 minutes. It includes a brief parent/caregiver interview and informal observation and interaction between the child and therapist.

You will receive a recommendation based on our findings on whether or not your child would benefit from a comprehensive evaluation. This does not include a formal report.
Fill out the form to request a free screening below!


Free Screening Request

Please know that email communication via our website may not be done through a secure platform. Although it is unlikely, there is a possibility that information you include in your submission can be intercepted and read by parties other than the intended recipient. To protect your confidential information, please do not include personal identifying information such as your birth date or personal medical information in any emails or website submissions you send to us.


Community Help

We’re here to help. 

We understand that there are barriers to receiving therapy services through the traditional route. These barriers include insurance not being in-network, finances, and distance to available providers.


Our belief is that every child should have access to the resources and support they need.


Based on this belief, we are happy to provide support and resources as we can.


Young Family
Community Help

Fees and Insurance

Abil-OT currently accepts the following insurance:

  • United

  • UMR


  • Medicaid Direct

  • BCBS

  • Medcost

  • Medicaid Managed Care Groups

    • Healthy Blue

    • Wellcare

    • Amerihealth Caritas

    • United Community Plan

    • Carolina Complete

Other options:

  • Bill insurance plan on your behalf as an out-of-network provider 

  • Provide a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company

Please note - insurance carriers do not guarantee payment once benefits are verified.


We understand that deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance amounts are largely factored into financial decisions regarding therapy treatments.


As there is always a potential for discrepancies in coverage that would render you responsible for unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, we strongly urge you to verify your benefits prior to starting therapy. 


As a courtesy to our families, we also verify all private insurance benefits.


While our billing practices are important, we are committed to you, your family, and our community. ABIL-OT is more than happy to work with you so that financial constraints do not impact your ability to access care for your child.


Please contact Katy or Tabitha at 919-912-2030 with any questions!

Fee Schedule

Initial evaluation - $250

60 minute treatment session - $135

30 minute treatment session - $90


Please contact our office for cash payments and other specific discounts.

For any clients who do not have insurance coverage, elect not to bill insurance, or pay cash for services not covered by insurance, we will provide a Good Faith Estimate for Services in accordance with the No Surprises Act, effective January 1, 2022.

Financial Assistance

NC ABLE program

The NC ABLE Program assists eligible individuals in funding their qualified disability expenses. Click the link below to learn more.


Disabilities grant

This program provides up to $8,000 per year for students with disabilities including expenses for therapy. Click the link below to learn more.

The Orange Effect

Making sure children with speech disorders receive the speech therapy and technology they need.

Fees and Insurance

What To Expect

What to expect

Before the initial evaluation

Please be sure to complete the patient form at least 24 hours before your child’s scheduled evaluation. This allows for your clinician to complete an accurate review prior to the initial assessment.

Initial Evaluation

A skilled evaluation will be completed either in the clinic or at home based on the referral source. The clinician will complete an intake of your child’s history and current status. Our therapists utilize their clinical expertise and standardized tools to capture an accurate picture of your child’s function and needs.

  • Assess muscle strength

  • Assess fine motor skills

  • Observe current developmental status

  • Analyze the need for adaptive equipment

  • Measure your child’s muscle strength

  • Assess current functional status 

  • Analyze how your child walks and runs 

  • Assess and recommend assistive devices for mobility 

  • Analyze the child’s language skills

  • Observe oral motor function

  • Observe feeding skills

  • Identify ability to chew and swallow

  • Assess feeding skills

  • Analyze medical, nutritional and psychosocial barriers

Once the skilled evaluation is complete, your clinician will discuss whether or not services are indicated based on their clinical findings. If services are recommended, the therapist will establish the appropriate frequency and duration of visits for your child. 

After the Initial Evaluation

Please allow 1-2 weeks after the initial evaluation for your child’s visits to be scheduled. During this time, the clinician will create a plan of care based on the outcomes of the assessment. This plan of care will address the impairments assessed on evaluation and include goals individualized to your child’s needs. The plan of care must be signed by your child’s doctor and approved by your insurance company.

Therapy Visits

Session times range from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the plan of care created by your child’s therapist. The session will include both direct intervention and electronic documentation.


The clinician may complete documentation on their electronic device at any time during the session. Recording data ‘in real-time’ ensures accurate documentation, meeting of insurance criteria, and continuity of care.


Please dress your child in comfortable clothes and prepare to take both your and their shoes off in the clinic’s treatment areas.


A child's work is play, and pediatric therapy sessions often look like play. The therapy area may be filled with colorful tools and exercise equipment. These items are strategically chosen to address our clients’ needs.


If your child’s therapist will be conducting visits at your home, please help us maintain a safe work environment by putting pets away during the visit.

At Home

Our goal is to support your child and family in maximizing their function and integration into their home and community. Your clinician will provide education and exercise programs as appropriate to allow you to continue promoting your child’s progress at home.


Encouragement and celebration of each new skill gained will be an asset to the therapy process!


We understand life happens. We also strive to provide quality care to all of our children and their families. Your effort to maintain the attendance rate is vital to ensuring your child reaps the benefit of their skilled services to the fullest extent.

In order to ensure your child is getting the most out of their therapy sessions, we ask that you maintain an attendance rate of 80%.

Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel a visit, we ask that you give a minimum of 24-hour notice.


Contact your therapist directly by phone. If unable, please contact our office at 919-912-2030 to make certain your clinician is notified prior to arriving at the scheduled appointment.


  • If you are unable to meet the 24-hour notice, respectfully inform your therapist or the office staff 2 HOURS prior to your scheduled visit by phone.

  • Reschedule any missed appointments within 2 weeks of the original missed date of service.

No-show policy

After 3 no-show appointments, the client will be removed from our permanent schedule and placed on a flex schedule. The client will be eligible for discharge from the program for non-adherence.


No-show appointments include the following:

  • Appointments missed without notification

  • Appointments missed with notification less than 2 hours prior to scheduled visit

  • Appointments that are not scheduled within 2 weeks of original missed date of service


Thank you for joining us in our effort to provide high-quality care in an efficient and timely manner!

Sanitation Protocol

Our facilities adhere to strict cleaning protocols to ensure the safety of our staff and the families we serve. All treatment areas and utilized tools are sanitized at the end of every session.


Out of respect for our staff and other clients, we ask that you notify ABIL-OT if you or your child are experiencing any signs or symptoms, have been exposed, or tested positive for COVID-19.

Patient Forms

Patient Forms
Cover of the Abil-OT parent handout

Resources for Parents

Free resources to help understand, track, and encourage your baby’s milestones for the best possible outcomes.

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