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Free Screenings

A screen is a tool used to determine if a more formal evaluation is warranted.  It generally takes no more than 15-20 minutes and includes a brief parent/caregiver interview, and an informal observation and interaction between the child and therapist. There is no formal report following a screen, only a recommendation based upon the screening findings if your child would benefit from a comprehensive evaluation.


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An evaluation is a more comprehensive assessment of a child's ability.  It typically takes about an hour, including gathering a detailed medical and developmental history; the administration of standardized and non-standardized assessment tools; formal observations of the child in a more controlled environment; and a detailed parent/caregiver interview.


A formal, detailed report is generated including all the test results, interpretation and analysis as well as clinical recommendations. If skilled, individual therapeutic intervention is recommended, a treatment plan and goals are included.  If a consultative model with parent/caregiver recommendations and home program are recommended and agreed to, that will be provided at the fee structure indicated under "consultative" recommendations. 


Following a screen, if a formal evaluation is not recommended, but the therapist feels there are specific strategies and techniques that can be implemented at home, a program will be developed in collaboration with the child and family including education and training. There will be a flat fee for this service, including 3-5 direct visits and ongoing, bi-weekly follow up to discuss progress, for a 6 month period.  This is not covered by insurance and the flat fee will be discussed at the time of the recommendation.

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