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Abil-OT Kids Therapy is excited to offer Infant Massage!

For infants and babies birth to 12 months.

From the moment your child is born, parents are encouraged to hold their baby close to their bare skin. Skin-to-skin care provides immediate comfort as well as rich sensory input. Studies show that infant massage has a profoundly positive effect on your baby's physical health.  

For parents, infant massage will increase confidence, improve your ability to read your baby’s cues, bond with your child, develop health attachment that supports long-term health, feel calm and relaxed, and build trust and security with your baby. 

Benefits of Infant Massage: 

Interaction (supports bonding and attachment)

  • increasing parent-child bond and relaxation

  • encourage non-verbal communication


Stimulation (support physical development)

  • can help improve weight, length and midarm circumference as compared to infants without massage

  • improved joint mobility, sleep patterns, bowel movements and response to other forms of therapy

  • supports brain development

  • accelerates maturation of electroencephalographic [brain] activity and of visual function

  • improve neurodevelopmental outcome

  • facilitates body awareness

  • improves blood circulation

  • improves myelin sheath coating of the nerves and function

  • boosts immune system

  • sensory stimulation


Relief (relieves digestive comforts)

  • increasing physical growth and gastrointestinal function in premature infants

  • improve colic symptoms

  • relieves pain and tension

  • stimulates food absorption hormones, aiding in digestion



  • improves sleep quality of baby (and so, parents sleep better!)

  • reduce stress hormones

  • improves self-regulation (therapeutic touch promotes relaxation of baby


For more information:

Katy Hall



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